FS 5051 Mobile

The FS 5051 is a mobile heavy duty sampler

Automatic continuous bunker sampler, the sampler is connected directly to the bunker manifold by pipe fittings. After start it will fill one 5 litre cubitainer and stop automatically after the preset bunker time in hours has expired. The sampler can sample into all size bottles and cubitainers.


  • Fulfils MARPOL annex VI
  • Min line pressure is -0.4 bars
  • Max line pressure is 12 bars
  • Pneumatically driven with 6-8 bar of air pressure
  • The box and fitting are made of stainless steel AISI 316
  • Size: 110x50x50 cm, Weight: 40 kg


  • The sampler is delivered with a flushing tank which is also a docking station when the sampler is not in use.

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