Marco Marine on board

Marco Marine Service Team

We can supply:

  • Foreman who is well educated within this area
  • Skilled fitters
  • Special tools for most of the overhauling operation
    • Honing equipment for cylinder liners
    • Grinding tool for spindle valves
    • Grinding tools for valve seats
    • Polishing tools for journals
    • Calibrated measuring tool
    • Calibrated tools for pressure, temperature and torque wrenches
  • Hand tools
  • PMI equipment
  • Equipment for vibration analysing
  • Lub oil analysing
  • Working plans
  • Spare part list
  • Full report
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Marco Marine Workshops

Classic and Satellite Workshop

Marco Marine main repair workshop is based in Denmark where we perform overhaul of engine components:

  • Cylinder covers
  • Cylinder liners
  • Pistons
  • Connecting rods
  • FO pumps
  • FO injectors
  • Lube oil analyzing

As alternative to the classic workshop we are able to establish satellite workshop worldwide.

All special tools are forwarded to desired destination in transport box / container and we only require compressed air and power to get running

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Go Offshore with Marco Marine

Offshore Service

Marco Marine has engineers holding all the required certificates and training, which allows engineers to work offshore. BOSIET, MIST, HSSE, CA-EBS - all familiar with HSEQ standards.

We have experience with repair and maintenance of diesel engines of all manufacturers. We work around the world.

We can supply:

  • Skilled foreman / engineers holding adequate travelling documents
  • Special tools for the overhauling operation
  • PMI equipment
  • Equipment for vibration analyzing
  • Working plans
  • List of recommended spare parts
  • Full report – Available online with daily updates

Our engineers all holds:

  • Seamens book
  • USA visa C1/D
  • Valid passport
  • Health certificate
  • required vaccinations

A group of the workforce holds:

  • Brazil visa / work permit
  • Offshore BOSIET course, incl. U.K health certificate and HSSE
  • USA work visa B1/B2
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